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Regular cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home healthy. 每天我们都会遇到数以百万计的细菌, and most of them are necessary for the well-being and general health. 有些细菌会影响你,可能是有害的, especially for those who have a weak immune system and suffer from underlying illnesses. In order to ward off diseases and feel good about you, proper grooming and healthy personal habits are required.


Hygiene is the conditions and practices that one performs to maintain good health and prevent diseases. Personal hygiene is essential in promoting good health. In today’s society, hygiene is very important for both health and social reasons. 这是一个团队的努力,而不是一个人的工作. It would be best to target specific places for a more hygienic home like bedroom, 厨房, 浴室, 和起居室. 遵循ing are the best household hygiene tips you must follow to prevent or minimize the risk of infection;

  • 在门口脱掉鞋子

The shoes’ bottoms are more likely to carry stomach bugs than 浴室 surfaces. To avoid the bug inside the home, make sure that everyone takes off their shoes at the door.  

  • 生活区卫生

It is the first room where everyone comes together from outside. Everyone comes together in the living room, so there is sure to be germs lurking. Firstly wipe down the surfaces or areas where everyone comes into contact. The first places you need to wipe down in order to prevent colds and germs from spreading are the 工作benches, 表, 门把手, 等. There should be a bin in every room and dispose of tissues as soon as you’ve done with them.

It would help if you also practiced good hygiene around your pets. Pets are germ magnets, so they should be neat and clean.

Wash hands after you hold your pet or your pet has licked them. Also, clean the litter trays after you notice that they have been used.

  • 厨房卫生提示

The 厨房 is the place where we prepare and consume our food. So for good hygiene and better health, keep your 厨房 clean and germs free. Firstly, wash your hands before and after preparing food. Clean the surfaces when you have done preparing eggs and raw meat as they are the most common sources of harmful bacteria in the 厨房. Take extra care to clean the surfaces where you have rested the shells or packaging in the 厨房. Clean the surfaces thoroughly when you have done preparing the food.

为了避免交叉污染, try to buy different colored chopping boards for each food type as raw meat can contaminate other food.

Use paper towels to clean up your mess and then dispose of it as soon as possible. Plenty of paper towels are perfect for tackling inside the 厨房. Clean the oven, stove, refrigerator, walls, and windows.

  • 浴室的卫生习惯:

Good hygiene and health in the 浴室 are all about toilet hygiene. The 浴室 is the most apparent hygiene hazard zone in every house. Clean the hand basin, shower recess, mirrors, shelves, and mop the floors daily. 在浴室使用最好的抗菌洗手液. Make sure that everyone washes their hands with soap after using the toilet. 让这更刺激,更有趣, pick out an anti-bacterial hand wash with your favorite scent. Wiping your hands with an old hand towel or jeans is one of the fastest ways to make hands unhygienic again after washing. So to avoid this, keep absorbent paper towels inside the 浴室 for hand drying. In this way, everyone can dry their hands effortlessly and cleanly.

勤洗手. 上完厕所要洗干净, 感人的垃圾箱, 吹鼻子, 打喷嚏, 触摸动物, 换尿布, 等.

  • 卫生在卧室

A bedroom is also an important place where cleaning should be done efficiently to prevent diseases. Change the sheets on the beds after every 3 to 5 days and then put the blankets and mattresses in the sun for a few hours. 每天清扫和清洗地板. 除尘的货架上, 删除蜘蛛网, 清理橱柜, 和墙壁, and windows should be done daily in order to maintain good hygiene.   

  • 垃圾箱

Don’t forget the bins as they are the central spot of bacteria. It would be best if you tried to use a bin with a closing lid. 厨房的垃圾桶可能是食物腐败的热点. So try to clean your bins daily and wash your hands after contact with your bin. 另外,一定要擦干净任何常见的接触点.



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Protect your loved ones from germs, bacteria, and infections by following the home hygiene tips. Staying active and healthy, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. In this period of corona crisis, your home should be the safest place. By following the above simple yet useful tips, you can make your house cleaner and livelier. Tell us in the comments about how this article helped you in maintaining your household hygiene?